All tallest buildings have their charm and it is an amazing science and engineering combined. Tallest building crown has come a long way from Willis tower in the US to Petronas Tower Malaysia and is currently with Burj Khalifa in Dubai. There are reports that this crown will be shifted to “Kingdom Tower” Saudi Arab which is due to be completed on 2019.

Now Iraq is planning to build the tallest tower with 1152m height and 230 stories. Iraq with all its problems is due to build this masterpiece in Basra.

818 (2)
Proposed Structure The Bride Iraq photo source: AMBS architects

It is clarified that height is not the only concern according to British-Iraq firm AMBS. They are instead planning to build a “vertical city”. This city will have interlinked towers, four of them having different heights. It is reported that this building will not only have offices, hotels but   “that this structure will have its own transportation system, clinics, schools and a neighborhood”.

The security aspect is also taken in initial design considering the deadly 9/11 attack. Architects from AIMBs say that this 4 interconnected tower design will be much safer than a single tower.

818 (3)
Useable space comparison photo source: AMBS architect

It can be seen in the above picture that Vertical City has more useable area and will be an efficient structure if constructed. when compared with Burj Khalifa it has lesser non-usable space.

Iraq has its share of problems in last decade or so but Basra is a relatively peaceful city and there are chances that this project will materialize. Though construction site is still not selected and there is no report on the completion date of this project but still it is a big news from a country usually associated with negative news.


  1. how on earth can Iraq build such things…

    when they do not have an open international economy, or open internationally traded currency not the USD… they have no real incomes due to always being in a liquidity crisis… always borrowing monies for daily operations from the IMF…

    they will never be allowed to stand on their own as a fully independent nation when far too many Powers-That-Be [usa, imf, fed, nation allies and arab families] feed of the cash cow they have turned into, where only they get to play…

    it is a neat and inspiring proposal… it would nice to see it be built… but how they or will do that when they have troubles just forming a quorum for the day at the parliament to decide on Abadhi’s cabinet and kicked the can down the road yet again -they have doing this for over a month… supposedly maliki person is still in power and no one is removing the trouble maker [who has stolen the gross GDP of iraq how many times over] and that culture never ever finishes or keeps an agreement or a contract, as to them; always open to discussions and changes, hence nothing gets done because no one will believe anyone’s word on a matter given in promise via a contract or even a law… unity needs to be found or their republic will be taken over by another maliki…