Civil engineering has come a long way since its evolution. Starting from the simple structures to the skyscrapers today, the world has witnessed immense advancement in the engineering knowledge. It has been practised by the primitive human race in all ages. It is the oldest discipline of engineering after military engineering. Over the course of time this term has undergone a change in its meaning.

This term was first introduced to include all engineering fields that did notĀ fall in sphere of military engineering. Later on this term was used to include fields related to construction of infrastructure facilities that serve general public. Until the recent times terms architecture and civil engineering were used alternatively.

Now according to American society for civil engineers

Civil engineering is the design and maintenance of public works such as roads, bridges, water and energy systems as well as public facilities like ports, railways and airports

Civil engineering is a vast subject with fields to suit ones aptitude. So whether you like working in an office or you want to manage a project there is always a field for you. So what are these fields? Civil engineers can choose to be structural engineers who design infrastructure projects before they are constructed; construction engineers get the designs by structure engineers implemented on ground.

Burj Khalifa Dubai. One of the Structural Engineering Wonders Image Source:

Water resource engineers design and construct hydraulic structures such as dams while transport engineers design and construct structures such as roads, bridges which ensure the smooth flow of traffic. In general civil engineers construct all infrastructure facilities such as roads, railway ,water supply networks which have paramount importance in our lives and without which cycle of our lives is likely to be disrupted.

US has one of the biggest road networks. Image source: roadtraffic-technology

Over the years civil engineers have significantly improved our standards of living. Roads, railways, metros facilitate us in getting from one place to another faster. As a result Journeys which once took days can now be completed in a few hours. Dams and water supply networks are solving problems related to polluted drinking water and are helping ensure a continuous supply of clean drinking water. High rise apartment buildings accommodate more people and are making accommodations more affordable.

Civil engineer build world,s infrastructure. In doing so, they change the history of nations around the globe. For most people it is hard to imagine life without the contribution in public health, safety and standards of living. Only by analysing the effect civil engineering has had on shaping the world we can creatively envision our progress of tomorrows.