There was an incident on Saturday that we all want to forget. According to reports 235 lives are lost and more than 1000 are injured. These numbers are expected to increase as more reports comes in.

On Saturday evening a 7.8 rector scale earthquake shook Equador. Coastal areas are reported to be near epic centre causing massive damage.Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa abandoned his visit to Italy to fly back and deal with the crisis.

He has declared a state of emergency and said the priority was finding survivors.

“Everything can be rebuilt, but lives cannot be recovered, and that’s what hurts the most,” he said.

A building damaged in Ecuador's earthquake
Damaged building in Ecuador Earthquake. Image Credit: BBC

Several buildings and other structures such as bridges were also affected by this mighty earthquake. It is reported that a bridge was completely destroyed as far south as Guayaquil about 300km away.

Some Buildings were completely destroyed Image credit: BBC

Ecuador is well used to Earthquake as it sits on highly seismic fault lines also known as “Ring Of Fire” which is famous highly active arc which extends right around the pacific basin. Many cases of 7+ magnitude have been reported in last century and some of them have caused massive damage.

Ecuador lies on the boundaries of Nazca and south American tectonic plates. These plates grind past each other at the rate of 65mm per year. It is reported that Nazca plate has subducted under south American coast.