Multiple Choice Questions

Objective type tests are finding favour with various examining organizations and Civil Engineering tests are no different.

These tests generally contain multiple choice questions in which four or five possible answers are offered and the job of student is to select only the best answer. Sometimes the incorrect answers provided are partly correct. These partly true choices are inserted to force the candidate to think and establish that he knows the correct answer.

Hints For Identifying The Correct Answer

Following hints will be beneficial for students undertaking these types of test for civil engineering jobs or admission in civil engineering institutions.

  • Read the item closely to see what the examiner is after
  • Re-read if necessary
  • Mentally Reject answers that are clearly wrong.
  • Suspect as being wrong any one of the choices which contains broad statements hinging on “clue words”¬†like


absolute indefinitely quite
absolutely indisputable self-evident
all infinite sole
always inflexible totally
categorical inordinately unchallenged
completely never unchangeable
doubles entirely only undeniable
forever peculiarly undoubtedly
immeasurably positive unqualified
inalienable wholly
  • Use the clue word to identify the most correct answer.
  • In the case of items where you are doubtful of the answer, you might be able to judge based on the information you have gained from previous study. This knowledge might be sufficient to indicate that some of the suggested answers are not so plausible. Eliminate such answers from further consideration.
  • Concentrate on the remaining answers. The more you eliminate in this way, the better your chances of getting the item right.
  • Pressure of time compete for speedy identification of correct answers. If you have identified correct answer switch over to the next question.