A massive sink hole appeared in the city of Fukuoka Japan during the construction of city’s underground network. Instantly an apology was issued by Japanese government and men were put to work round the clock to fix the issue.

Only after two days, There was not even signs of sink hole. Reports claim that sink hole was filled with massive amount of cement, than painting was done in a jiffy.

Japanese Giant Sink Hole
Japanese Fix Giant Sink Hole In Few Days credits: Telegraph.co.uk

According to telegraph.co.uk Soichiro Takashima, the mayor of Fukuoka, even said to  the street was now 30 times stronger than before and said a panel of experts was being called in to establish what went wrong in the first place.

“We’re very sorry for causing great trouble,” he added.

Japan is known for its efficiency and this incident was a proof of it. To fill this sort of carter in such a less time and with such precision is no less than a miracle for some nations. Japanese however are used to such remarkable feats.

There was a lot of reactions after this incident happened. Charlie Morrison wrote on Twitter “Manchester sink hole took 10 months to fix… Japan fixes vast Fukuoka city sinkhole – in two days,”