A New York-based firm has invented a semi-automated brick laying robot that is ready to lay bricks as much as 4 times quicker than a human can and it is going to be commercially prepared in September. The Semi-Automated Mason (SAM) system prices $500,000 and has taken New York-based Building Robotics eight years to develop and check out on construction sites.

The system  features a robotic arm that is designed to pick up bricks, apply mortar and then lay each brick in the allocated place to build up a wall, It has the capacity to lay between 800 to 1,200 bricks  in a day comparing to a human who can only lay about 300 to 500 bricks a day.

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The robot can be mounted on scaffolding and is intelligent enough to account for wind swaying the structure it is standing on, as well as to figure out the difference between the building’s planned specifications and what’s actually on site.

As it name suggests SAM is not fully automated and is not looking to take human jobs as for now. Human effort is required to tidy up the work done by SAM. Furthermore humans will run its control panel in order to give specification and brick bond patterns.

What makes SAM greatly useful is its ability to lift. It can perform variety of different functions based on computer programs running it. It has sensors to measure velocity, angles and different orientations. SAM can build different types of brick bonds and as it is automated it can draw extremely complex patterns on walls.