Our world is experiencing changes which are having a significant effect on our environment. Technology is getting better and better and building construction is no exception.

Buildings today we see are vastly different from their predecessors not only in structural and material terms but also many other important aspects such as safety, user comfort and flexibility.

Siemens released a video in which concept of smart buildings is shown and it is amazing. Buildings are getting smarter and smarter with each passing decade.

In future safety will be our top priority. Along with security and safety, energy efficiency and user comfort are important requirements. Any building system which creates synergies between safety, energy efficiency, comfort will be sustainable over the long term.

Smart building solutions convert buildings into living organisms which are sensitive, intelligent, adaptable and networked. Here is the video which gives an in-depth knowledge of what we can expect in future.


When we see the possibilities, they are endless. Hopefully, we will see in near future the application of these concepts.