smart homes in dubai

Smarthome system installation are on the rise in Dubai and at present nearly each luxurious villa is developed with such a system. Smart home automated systems are important for any home when it comes to energy savings and efficiency,” says Appu Mathews for Shifra Smart Solutions, a Dubai-based smart home companies supplier.

A number of GCC nations are displaying curiosity within the smart house business, with the UAE and Qatar leading the way.

“Dubai is the perfect performing market within the area followed by Qatar and in 5 years we’re satisfied that, as in Europe or the US, smart home systems will become accessible and mandatory at least to save energy,” adds Mathews.

“The smart home concept is all about making living far more comfy, as well as more environment friendly, which implies that the concept has common appeal,”says Lamudi’s co-founder and managing director, Kian Moini.

Smart Homes in Dubai
credits : Lamudi

According to kippreport, smart home system industry around the world  is expected to be worth $115 billion by 2019 with 45 million smart homes are expected to be installed around the world. Even though the installation of these smart homes ar costly now, there is hope that with time their prices will reduce, making them a viable alternative to conventional systems.