Myths and misconceptions are rampant within the concrete building industry. After some time, a few of these myths tackle a lifetime of their very own and everybody begins to take them without any consideration. On this article, we take a revealing take a look at ten widespread, however fully incorrect, myths that also make the rounds in concrete building.

Myth 1:
It’s best to specify a concrete mix by the number of cement bags.

Mixes needs to be specified primarily based on efficiency requirements, not simply cement content material.

Myth 2:
Including water to the mix is the only method to enhance slump.

There are a lot of methods to extend the slump of concrete in addition to adding extra water

For full checklist of myths watch this video by Portland cement association.



  1. It’s interesting to read about some of the myths involved with concrete and how it works, especially myth number 2. It makes sense that with every construction project being different, having a contractor who knows how to do concrete effectively could be helpful. It’s something to remember just to ensure the concrete is done right.