Concrete Cloth

Technology is improving day by day in every field and Civil Engineering is no exception. Several companies including Concrete Canvas has come up with the idea of Concrete Cloth.

What Exactly is this Concrete Cloth?

Concrete Cloth is made up of innovating material technology which in dry state exhibit properites of cloth. It can be folded and warped around a surface just like a cloth. However on getting in contact with water its hydration starts and becomes a hardened impervious surface.


Concrete Cloth
Concrete Cloth (Milliken Infrastructure)


An engineered concrete in roll form, Concrete Cloth  is fabricated with a three-dimensional structure that reinforces the concrete, providing it necessary strength and durability


Companies Producing Concrete Cloth


Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas is UK based company formed by Peter Brewin (MEng) and Will Crawford (MEng) whilst studying Industrial Design Engineering at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art in London.

According to Concrete Canvas Concrete Canvas (CC) is a flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire resistant concrete layer. CC allows concrete construction without the need for plant or mixing equipment. Simply position the Canvas and just add water.

CC is available in 3 thicknesses: CC5, CC8 and CC13, which are 5, 8 and 13mm thick respectively. CC is used in a variety of civil infrastructure applications, such as ditch lining, slope protection and capping secondary containment bunds.

For more information visit Concrete Canvas website



Milliken Infrastructure

Milliken Infrastructure specializes in bringing innovation into infrastructure technology They have made a material named Concrete Cloth GCCM.

According to Milliken Infrastructure Concrete Cloth geosynthetic cementitious composite mats (GCCM) are a groundbreaking material technology that makes it possible to use concrete on slopes, in water, and in other hard-to-reach locations, without forms or mixing and minimal equipment requirements.

For more information visit Milliken Infrastructure website




Concrete Cloth Technology can have quite useful application such as

  • Reinforcing or rehabilitating a culvert
  • Rehabilitation of breached Dam
  • Erosion Control Application
  • Ditch Lining
  • Slope Control